Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What happened?

Kids used to play.  Well I did, and so did the kids of the 90's even that I used to watch when I worked in a day care.  I loved to get messy and paint and color and play make believe.  I loved to read and play on the swing set and run around in the woods and corn fields around my house.  I was out the door as soon as I could possible go and draggin' my heels to come in. 
Now kids only want to watch TV or play on the tablet. Toddlers shouldn't know how to work their parent's iPhones better then the adult themselves.  Ok, I get when you're waiting in a crazy public place and the kid is having a melt down.  You want to defuse that bomb as fast as possible.  But so many parents just hand the phone over to them whenever now.  Makes me really sad.  I see all these grade school kids getting off the buses with friends and taking selfies with their own cell phones.  when the hell did this happen?!?! when I was a teenager and paying my own bills I got a pager and didn't get my first cell phone until I was married.  Makes me sad to see these kids who don't know how to use a library or read an atlas.  They solely depend on electronics to get them thru the day.  I get it that its a new day in age and things are advance now.  I totally wish I had google when I was in high school to write papers with.  These kids need a back up tho'.  What if their computer/phone/tablet dies? Then what? 

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