Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I'd love to listen to Andrea Gibson perform in person, but I can never listen to any of her poems without crying.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

August Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag

This month's bag totally made up for last month's.  I absolutely loved everything that I got! 
The colors I got were Jelly Red Sandals and Mr. Saturn.  Perfect red and peach summer colors.  I also received their All Your Base base coat in a large size. The scent of my bath products is called Fruit Juice and it smelled so good that if I could eat it, I would of.  lol The bag included a bath tea bag, a perfume rollerball and bath oil.  Beautiful colors and yummy smelling.... what more can you ask for. 
Well done Rainbow Honey, well done.
Now I thought I had a picture of the bath products, but the matrix ate it I guess. I already used them, so I cant take another photo.  lol  But I do have one of the polishes.


Apparently there is panic when you get rid of your FB.  For over a month, probably closer to 2 months I had as my top post where and how you can get ahold of me.  So if you want to get ahold of me you know how. FB bummed me out with the bullshit and pointlessness of it.  I used to dig photos and stories of your life and going ons, but it got harder and harder to weed that stuff out from the political shit and crap.

So again.... you can find me here.  On instagram as user kali_vonkitten or some of you have my email and phone number.
This concludes the PSA.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Okey, so I'm a tad bit behind on my monthly boxes.  I have a few to post, but since I'm short on time I'll just do one tonight.  I have to say that my Horror Blocks are pretty much my favorite of all boxes I get.  I'm a weird little girl who's into all that's creepy and gore. I mean I cried at the end of Devil's Rejects. 
Anywho.... in this month box I got some good stuff.  Lets start with the t-shirts.  The month's shirt was American Werewolf in London.  They also threw in a bonus t-shirt to clear out some stock from their arcade and nerd blocks.  I lucked out and got one that I recognized, Donkey Kong.  People were posting a lot of shirts that I was completely clueless about.  The big item in the box is the Horror Block exclusive Titans bloody Spike figure from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I also got a Walking Dead window cling, Rue Morgue magazine and a season 1 Choose Their Kill dvd.  I guess its interactive and you get to chose how they die. Haven't watched that yet.  So not bad.  Pretty good box.
I'll probably go ahead and knock out my Julep and Rainbow Honey ones tomorrow. So if you're into nail polish keep an eye out for that.

Monday, August 17, 2015

What do you do when you've had a crappy day?

I painted my nails.  I'm in a much more centered place and I have to say they're pretty cute.
I used Zoya's  Lola and the skull and cross bones are from Vinyl It Up. 
I'm pretty tomboyish but this is one of the more girlie things I partake in.  Excuse the dry hands and bad cuticles, the pool I do my physical therapy in used a lot of chlorine. I feel like I need to bath in lotion afterwards. Please pass the cheese for my whine fest. haha


Saturday, August 8, 2015

DIY project

I love these guys.  They usually let me know if i'm wasting time with Pins or not from the good ol' pinterest.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So have you heard?

That I have an Instagram account?  Well I do.  I try to post a picture there a day.  I think I'm fairly successful in doing so, since I just do it from my cellphone while checking social media/email anyways.  If you're interested heres the link to it.
My Instagram account


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What happened?

Kids used to play.  Well I did, and so did the kids of the 90's even that I used to watch when I worked in a day care.  I loved to get messy and paint and color and play make believe.  I loved to read and play on the swing set and run around in the woods and corn fields around my house.  I was out the door as soon as I could possible go and draggin' my heels to come in. 
Now kids only want to watch TV or play on the tablet. Toddlers shouldn't know how to work their parent's iPhones better then the adult themselves.  Ok, I get when you're waiting in a crazy public place and the kid is having a melt down.  You want to defuse that bomb as fast as possible.  But so many parents just hand the phone over to them whenever now.  Makes me really sad.  I see all these grade school kids getting off the buses with friends and taking selfies with their own cell phones.  when the hell did this happen?!?! when I was a teenager and paying my own bills I got a pager and didn't get my first cell phone until I was married.  Makes me sad to see these kids who don't know how to use a library or read an atlas.  They solely depend on electronics to get them thru the day.  I get it that its a new day in age and things are advance now.  I totally wish I had google when I was in high school to write papers with.  These kids need a back up tho'.  What if their computer/phone/tablet dies? Then what? 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Housewife problems #1

Its hard to figure out a weeks worth of meals for next week, when you have no idea what you're going to do tonight. Especially when you're trying to eat healthier.  UGH.
SOOOO HUNGRY! Like "hungry hungry hippos" hungry.  I want to eat it all.
My intent with this post was to share some awesome recipe I found.  Yeah, that didn't happen.
Back to the cookbooks.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gettin' shady with some trees.....

So we went on a little adventure,  just got in the car and drove to where ever the road took us.  We basically ended up in the Olympic National Forest. Now if you never been there, its the northwest corner of Washington.  The forest has a lot to see and do.  It consists of rainforest, mountains, lakes, rivers and the coastal beaches. I mean there's so many options. 
Well while driving thru we took a detour when we saw a sign that said "world record spruce".  So we took a little hike in the woods in search of this tree.  It wasn't a long hike or hard hike, which was good since I have a bummed hoof right now.  But if you like nature and like fun little things like this and have an extra hour I suggest to go check it out for one of those "I did this..." stories you can tell later.  There's also a camp ground near by if you like to camp and want to take advantage of some of the other trails out there too.  It really was pretty and I plan on going back myself.
Link to where the tree is

This is the sign on the road indicating the trail....

On the trail....

Standing at the opposite end of the bridge you have to cross to get to the tree.  This was the only way to see the tree and get it all into frame...

Looking up from the base of the tree.....

My mister standing by the tree so you can see how big it really is (he's 6' tall) ....


Friday, July 17, 2015

This mermaid went on an adventure.

Like I've previously mentioned, I'm back from vacation.  I went to a few different areas and I'm still going thru photos and getting back into the daily grind.  I'll have photos and stories to share soon.  Hope everyone else is having a good summer as well!


July 2015 Rainbow Honey Bag

OK so this bag is a so-so with me.  Only because I'm not a fan of gold.  But the body spray and lip scrub, along with the green polish make up for it. 
The colors left to right are... summer tan,  calama and costa dorada.   Costa dorada is a top coat, or base coat if doing say a jelly sandwich.  There's a nice shimmer to the calama.  And of course summer tan is a chunky glitter.

The body splay is in Pomelo, a fresh citrus smelling scent.  The lip scrub is in sweet mandarin.  I've gotten lip scrubs from them before and really dig them. My lips feel so soft after. And of course I got an organic shea butter treatment.  They said it can be used anywhere on the skin or lips.
I've opted to receive the mini version of the bag, which the polish is comparable to the size of Julep's bottles.  There is also a reg. sized version of the products you can purchase instead.


July's 2015 Birchbox

Now to be honest I haven't used any of these yet.  I've just gotten back from a spur of the moment vacation and spent the whole week doing dr appointments and physical therapy on my ankle multiple times a week.  But I plan on trying them out soon.  If I don't post this now then I'll forget to.
I'm pretty happy with the products I got this month.  A nice variety of things I think.  Now we got to pick one of our products and I chose the Stila stay all day lipstick in the shade beso.  Holy shit are they not kidding.  I did a little swatch on my hand to check the color before running out the door and I basically walked around with a lipstick swatch on my hand for the rest of the day.  It even made it thru a couple hand washings.  Down side is that if you have an "oops" moment and mess up your lips, your skin is going to be stained.  Besides that, its a real nice red shade. Perfect pin up color.
I also got amika un.done texture spray, Jouer daily clarifying treatment oil,  Key West Aloe save a tan and Supergoop! daily correct CC cream SPF 35.
Jouer is the only thing that worries me.  I have super sensitive skin and oils tend to break me out. Even tho' this one says its suppose to prevent that.  I guess we'll see.  haha Next month I think I'm going to get the guest created box by Nicole Richie.  I got a sneak preview and it looked pretty good. 

Here's my referral link if you're interested in trying out Birchbox,  Birchbox Referral


Julep's Holographic Day & Night Mystery Boxes

Now honestly I gave up on Julep's mystery boxes.  Mostly I was getting a ton of dupes and product I don't use. But when they came out with these 2 holo mystery boxes I took a leap of faith.  I really liked the shades of the 2 holos exclusive to the boxes.  Plus I figured unless Julep wanted a riot on their hands, they'd have taken in consideration the criticism the mavens were giving them about the mystery boxes.  I assume this is what happened since I was pleasantly surprised by both boxes and gave me a renewed faith in julep's mystery product again.

I don't remember which box was which since I opted for both, but I'm guessing the mystery day box is the blue holo.   The holographic color in this box is called " Hallie".   Nice over all shade of blue that could be used year around I think.   The whole theme of this box was around blue.  You got a gel eyeliner in the shade navy smoke.  A luxe lip in the shade sheer pink.  A julep bag.  And 4 polishes, including the holo.  I'm going to list the colors as they appear in the photo, left to right.  Shelby, Cassidy, Nayely and Hallie.  I like the complimenting peach and light pink tones for the dark blues.

The 2nd box was the night mystery box.  The holo in this box is called "Christa".  A real nice light/medium purple. The decided to use red to compliment the purples. This box came with a cardinal red plush pout and a length matters mascara.  The colors left to right are as follows... Christa, Nic, Joanne and Karissa.  This box totally has a pin up feel to it with the reds and mascara.
If Julep can keep this up I might be a frequent flyer of the mystery boxes again.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Throw Back Thursday....

Behold a time when I had snakebites and naked hands.  we've been using a sharpie to figure out my knuckles.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag

This is by far one of my favorite subscriptions I have.  For $12.95 a month I get 3 mini bottles of polish from upcoming collections and 3 mini sized products.  The polishes are comparable to the size of julep polish.  The other 3 products you get are either lotions, scented top coats, cuticle products, lip products and perfumes.  You can tell they take time to produce their scents and such. 
They also have a regular sized version of their mystery bag too for $25 or free with an order of $65.
Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag
This month I really dug two of the polish colors. Aqua Cristalina and Thallo Bot gave off a major mermaid vibe.  That blue glitter with that pale green together was just beautiful. 


Sunday, July 5, 2015


Well I hope you all had a happy 4th and no one lost any digits.
We played it pretty low key over here on the homestead.  The day started off with a super early grocery run by me to avoid the crowds. Which I mostly did, too bad the crazies were all out.  Since it was still way early when I was headed home and I-5 wasn't nuts yet, I stopped off and grabbed some breakfast to go to surprise my mister.  We mostly just lounged around doing whatever we find enjoyable.  Well with one exception.  I made my mister hang up some new curtain rods in the office and guest room for my new curtains.
For dinner we grilled some steak, sausage and tomatoes.  I love tomatoes on the grill.  I could do fine with just a plate of those.  HAHA In fact if seasoned just right and drizzle a little A1 sauce on them, it taste like you're eating meat.  No joke. Only thing I'm bummed about is that I couldn't find any corn to go along with dinner. After we were done and cleaned up, we pulled some chairs out onto the backyard and set up a little makeshift fire pit and got ready for the fireworks.  We just hung out there roasting some marshmallows and making a few s'mores while talking and goofing around with the fireworks going off all around us.  It was a pretty awesome night.  No fighting the crowds.  No sitting on jammed up roads with everyone trying to get home.  We just put the fire out and chairs away when we called it a night.  But man, do they party here.   I ended up going to sleep sometime early on the 5th and the fireworks were still going off.  HAHA  I'm happy to report my cat totally maintained.  Wasn't freaked out in the slightest.  She just chilled in the window and took it all in. 
Only thing that irked me this year, was all the women doing the patriotic pin up thing.  It used to be just a fun subculture thing for us gals for around the holidays.  Now its so mainstream you cant blink with out running into one on the webs/magazine/social media.  Its the newest trend.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

June 2015 Horror Block

Mailman dropped off my June Horror Block Box and I thought I'd share.  Tho' it's a little light this month, it's still pretty awesome.  The t-shirt is from the Purge.  Ghost Face figure since I guess they're doing a scream TV series? Honestly I was never impressed with the movies so I doubt I'll be watching the show.  The Aliens ice cube tray is pretty fun.  I have that in my freezer as I currently type this.  There were 2 versions of that you could of got.  Version 1 is the alien heads like I got.  Version 2 is the eggs that the face suckers come out of.  I think my cat has placed dibs on my stuffed Cthulhu.  And finally of course, the current Rue Morgue magazine.
If horror isn't your thing they also have a nerd block, comic block and arcade block as well as a Jr. girl and boy block for the little people in your life. Here's a link with more info.
Horror, Nerd, Comic and Arcade Blocks


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

sorry i suck

I've been meaning to post some photos and blog about some places I've been and what not, but every time I think I have a few minutes to do so I get slammed with something.  So I'm just going to leave this here for your entertainment until I can do that, like maybe this weekend. *fingers crossed*

anywho... enjoy!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I had problems with my old blog not wanting to post right and all that jive.  So basically I said screw it and made a new one.  Which kinda makes sense since I just moved across the country and started new anyways.  I'm still setting this one up and polishing the edges, so give it a minute. 
What you will find here are my ramblings, photos, projects, foodie type things and whatever else I come across. 

Until then, you can enjoy some of the fun of my old blog.  RIP dathousewife

see ya later gators!