Sunday, July 5, 2015


Well I hope you all had a happy 4th and no one lost any digits.
We played it pretty low key over here on the homestead.  The day started off with a super early grocery run by me to avoid the crowds. Which I mostly did, too bad the crazies were all out.  Since it was still way early when I was headed home and I-5 wasn't nuts yet, I stopped off and grabbed some breakfast to go to surprise my mister.  We mostly just lounged around doing whatever we find enjoyable.  Well with one exception.  I made my mister hang up some new curtain rods in the office and guest room for my new curtains.
For dinner we grilled some steak, sausage and tomatoes.  I love tomatoes on the grill.  I could do fine with just a plate of those.  HAHA In fact if seasoned just right and drizzle a little A1 sauce on them, it taste like you're eating meat.  No joke. Only thing I'm bummed about is that I couldn't find any corn to go along with dinner. After we were done and cleaned up, we pulled some chairs out onto the backyard and set up a little makeshift fire pit and got ready for the fireworks.  We just hung out there roasting some marshmallows and making a few s'mores while talking and goofing around with the fireworks going off all around us.  It was a pretty awesome night.  No fighting the crowds.  No sitting on jammed up roads with everyone trying to get home.  We just put the fire out and chairs away when we called it a night.  But man, do they party here.   I ended up going to sleep sometime early on the 5th and the fireworks were still going off.  HAHA  I'm happy to report my cat totally maintained.  Wasn't freaked out in the slightest.  She just chilled in the window and took it all in. 
Only thing that irked me this year, was all the women doing the patriotic pin up thing.  It used to be just a fun subculture thing for us gals for around the holidays.  Now its so mainstream you cant blink with out running into one on the webs/magazine/social media.  Its the newest trend.


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