Friday, July 17, 2015

July's 2015 Birchbox

Now to be honest I haven't used any of these yet.  I've just gotten back from a spur of the moment vacation and spent the whole week doing dr appointments and physical therapy on my ankle multiple times a week.  But I plan on trying them out soon.  If I don't post this now then I'll forget to.
I'm pretty happy with the products I got this month.  A nice variety of things I think.  Now we got to pick one of our products and I chose the Stila stay all day lipstick in the shade beso.  Holy shit are they not kidding.  I did a little swatch on my hand to check the color before running out the door and I basically walked around with a lipstick swatch on my hand for the rest of the day.  It even made it thru a couple hand washings.  Down side is that if you have an "oops" moment and mess up your lips, your skin is going to be stained.  Besides that, its a real nice red shade. Perfect pin up color.
I also got amika un.done texture spray, Jouer daily clarifying treatment oil,  Key West Aloe save a tan and Supergoop! daily correct CC cream SPF 35.
Jouer is the only thing that worries me.  I have super sensitive skin and oils tend to break me out. Even tho' this one says its suppose to prevent that.  I guess we'll see.  haha Next month I think I'm going to get the guest created box by Nicole Richie.  I got a sneak preview and it looked pretty good. 

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