Friday, July 17, 2015

Julep's Holographic Day & Night Mystery Boxes

Now honestly I gave up on Julep's mystery boxes.  Mostly I was getting a ton of dupes and product I don't use. But when they came out with these 2 holo mystery boxes I took a leap of faith.  I really liked the shades of the 2 holos exclusive to the boxes.  Plus I figured unless Julep wanted a riot on their hands, they'd have taken in consideration the criticism the mavens were giving them about the mystery boxes.  I assume this is what happened since I was pleasantly surprised by both boxes and gave me a renewed faith in julep's mystery product again.

I don't remember which box was which since I opted for both, but I'm guessing the mystery day box is the blue holo.   The holographic color in this box is called " Hallie".   Nice over all shade of blue that could be used year around I think.   The whole theme of this box was around blue.  You got a gel eyeliner in the shade navy smoke.  A luxe lip in the shade sheer pink.  A julep bag.  And 4 polishes, including the holo.  I'm going to list the colors as they appear in the photo, left to right.  Shelby, Cassidy, Nayely and Hallie.  I like the complimenting peach and light pink tones for the dark blues.

The 2nd box was the night mystery box.  The holo in this box is called "Christa".  A real nice light/medium purple. The decided to use red to compliment the purples. This box came with a cardinal red plush pout and a length matters mascara.  The colors left to right are as follows... Christa, Nic, Joanne and Karissa.  This box totally has a pin up feel to it with the reds and mascara.
If Julep can keep this up I might be a frequent flyer of the mystery boxes again.

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