Thursday, August 20, 2015

August Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag

This month's bag totally made up for last month's.  I absolutely loved everything that I got! 
The colors I got were Jelly Red Sandals and Mr. Saturn.  Perfect red and peach summer colors.  I also received their All Your Base base coat in a large size. The scent of my bath products is called Fruit Juice and it smelled so good that if I could eat it, I would of.  lol The bag included a bath tea bag, a perfume rollerball and bath oil.  Beautiful colors and yummy smelling.... what more can you ask for. 
Well done Rainbow Honey, well done.
Now I thought I had a picture of the bath products, but the matrix ate it I guess. I already used them, so I cant take another photo.  lol  But I do have one of the polishes.


Apparently there is panic when you get rid of your FB.  For over a month, probably closer to 2 months I had as my top post where and how you can get ahold of me.  So if you want to get ahold of me you know how. FB bummed me out with the bullshit and pointlessness of it.  I used to dig photos and stories of your life and going ons, but it got harder and harder to weed that stuff out from the political shit and crap.

So again.... you can find me here.  On instagram as user kali_vonkitten or some of you have my email and phone number.
This concludes the PSA.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Okey, so I'm a tad bit behind on my monthly boxes.  I have a few to post, but since I'm short on time I'll just do one tonight.  I have to say that my Horror Blocks are pretty much my favorite of all boxes I get.  I'm a weird little girl who's into all that's creepy and gore. I mean I cried at the end of Devil's Rejects. 
Anywho.... in this month box I got some good stuff.  Lets start with the t-shirts.  The month's shirt was American Werewolf in London.  They also threw in a bonus t-shirt to clear out some stock from their arcade and nerd blocks.  I lucked out and got one that I recognized, Donkey Kong.  People were posting a lot of shirts that I was completely clueless about.  The big item in the box is the Horror Block exclusive Titans bloody Spike figure from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I also got a Walking Dead window cling, Rue Morgue magazine and a season 1 Choose Their Kill dvd.  I guess its interactive and you get to chose how they die. Haven't watched that yet.  So not bad.  Pretty good box.
I'll probably go ahead and knock out my Julep and Rainbow Honey ones tomorrow. So if you're into nail polish keep an eye out for that.

Monday, August 17, 2015

What do you do when you've had a crappy day?

I painted my nails.  I'm in a much more centered place and I have to say they're pretty cute.
I used Zoya's  Lola and the skull and cross bones are from Vinyl It Up. 
I'm pretty tomboyish but this is one of the more girlie things I partake in.  Excuse the dry hands and bad cuticles, the pool I do my physical therapy in used a lot of chlorine. I feel like I need to bath in lotion afterwards. Please pass the cheese for my whine fest. haha


Saturday, August 8, 2015

DIY project

I love these guys.  They usually let me know if i'm wasting time with Pins or not from the good ol' pinterest.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So have you heard?

That I have an Instagram account?  Well I do.  I try to post a picture there a day.  I think I'm fairly successful in doing so, since I just do it from my cellphone while checking social media/email anyways.  If you're interested heres the link to it.
My Instagram account