Thursday, August 20, 2015

August Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag

This month's bag totally made up for last month's.  I absolutely loved everything that I got! 
The colors I got were Jelly Red Sandals and Mr. Saturn.  Perfect red and peach summer colors.  I also received their All Your Base base coat in a large size. The scent of my bath products is called Fruit Juice and it smelled so good that if I could eat it, I would of.  lol The bag included a bath tea bag, a perfume rollerball and bath oil.  Beautiful colors and yummy smelling.... what more can you ask for. 
Well done Rainbow Honey, well done.
Now I thought I had a picture of the bath products, but the matrix ate it I guess. I already used them, so I cant take another photo.  lol  But I do have one of the polishes.

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